The high cost of living in the Hamptons means many people have to make hard choices between heating, food, and basic necessities — especially when something unexpected happens. HCO intervenes when needed most.

Although not readily visible, poverty and lack of resources have always been an issue for people living on the margins in the Hamptons. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed more people to the edge and created an increased need for those already struggling. Limited transportation, childcare, or a medical need can cause loss of income or employment, and have a tragic domino effect on an entire family’s well-being. HCO seeks to intervene and alter the trajectory of our underserved neighbors facing circumstantial and financial crises.

We fundraise so that we can meet urgent or unexpected needs, such as vision/hearing/medical treatments, dental work, car repairs, utility bills, legal assistance, or rent. We provide assistance when needed most, to help people get back to work and back on their feet.