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How big is HCO’s budget?2023-10-24T16:44:42-04:00

Since we began in 2018, HCO has successfully raised over $3.5 million. Through grants, generous donors, and fundraising events, we’ve raised over $1M each year for the past two years. If you would like more information on our funders or how we allocate money across programs, please reach out to our Development Director, Teri Hagedorn [email protected]

How is HCO different from other organizations, such as the food pantries on the East End?2023-10-24T16:45:36-04:00

We bring our services directly to people in need. We deliver food, clothing, household supplies, and other services to people right where they are. We reach the disabled, homeless, elderly, and the ones who don’t have their paperwork in order. Also, the ones who don’t have a car or enough gas money to get to a food pantry or who are too scared or embarrassed to seek help.

Our ability to cater to everyone in need, no matter where they are, and bring our services directly to them, is what ultimately sets HCO apart and makes us successful.

Why is HCO so focused on home repair right now?2023-10-24T16:46:08-04:00

By addressing poor living conditions, we alleviate one of the root issues of poverty. Poverty starts at home and can create a cycle that is difficult to break. Poor living conditions have serious impacts on physical and mental health, and academic performance among children. When we complete a home repair project for someone in need, we provide a sense of hope and relief which in turn can help them succeed in other areas of life. HCO is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty within our local community, by improving where and how people in need live.

How do you select the families that you help?2023-10-24T16:46:35-04:00

HCO has an application form that each person fills out when they request help. This includes sharing a 1040 document or bank statement. We then assess what their needs are and our licensed social workers help to decide which needs are most urgent.

How do you find the people you help?2023-10-24T16:50:52-04:00

We are well connected with local schools, daycare centers, businesses and social workers who reach out to us when they are in contact with someone who needs help. We also receive messages from people via phone, Instagram and email, who are looking for assistance. Our licensed social workers are well connected to communities and individuals in need throughout the East End.

I have items to donate. What do you accept?2023-10-24T16:51:45-04:00

We do accept some donated items, but only those that are in  excellent condition. Please send photos to [email protected] of the items that you would like to donate. If we cannot take them, we may be able to refer you to other community members.

How can I volunteer my time? What do you need the most help with?2023-10-24T16:51:21-04:00

We are in need of volunteers to help with: transporting donated items, delivering food/supplies, furniture and building material, handyman work, help with certain home repair projects, seasonal parties, etc.

We are also in need of professional help, such as, legal work, marketing and PR etc.

In addition, we are also always looking for fundraising help and ideas, and introductions to businesses and corporations that can help us.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to help!

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