We see the “Hidden Hamptons” — Homes where struggling families live in unsafe conditions, often leading to physical and mental health problems, or other challenges. HCO is there for those families with nowhere else to turn.

41 Homes Repaired
Since 2021

48 Homes Currently
On Waiting List

Unfortunately, many families in our community live in homes that are unsafe and in desperate need of repairs from structural damage, toxic black mold, and a host of other issues. Sadly, some families even become displaced or separated due to the health and safety risks.

Safe, stable housing is widely recognized to be a determinant of physical and mental health, educational success, and economic opportunity. At Hamptons Community Outreach, we believe that all people deserve a safe and secure place to call home.

To date, HCO has successfully repaired and renovated 41 homes, and currently have 48 homes on the waiting list. We review and thoroughly vet each application as it is submitted. Once approved and funded, we work together with local partners to repair each home, reunite families, and rebuild lives.

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